Hi there!

We are a design studio merging creative fields such as branding, experience, innovation, research, service and strategy. And… it’s for real. We really do consider every single day as Monday. For its fresh start, its (un)expected perspectives and its endless attainable possibilities.

We do mainly two things in parallel:

1 — Work

We collaborate with great clients from many places; mainly in Switzerland and Canada, as well as in Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States.

Some of our ongoing work include the following:

Le Dico romand

Book Design

Amélie Daudelin-Pilotte

Ongoing Process…


Web Design

Ona & Lui

Packaging Design


Design System

Ona & Lui

Logotype Design

Cocktail Sandwich

Graphic Design


Visual Identity


Logotype Design

Race for Water

Graphic Design

2 — Research

We invest some efforts into long-term internal research projects. More details and sneak peaks on those in the near future.


Manifesto and Designers Index


Blazonry Design Study


Visual Landscape Almanac of Logotypes


Tabular Font Family Typeface Design

Get in touch

Feel free to write us for any question or comment, you are most welcome to drop us a line at today@everydayismonday.co or come have a look on Instagram.

Thank you for your interest!